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Color blindness affects 9% of global populations and causes troubles in all aspects of daily life. According to the 2018 census, there are 14,244,869 people troubled by color blindness in the U.S. In the design community, there have been several insights on universal design that help individuals with visual impairments such as colorblindness. Therefore, a color vision deficiency solution can be provided by a swipe of a phone. InColor allows people with or without the disabilities to navigate through daily life.


Existing solutions for colorblindness are either too expensive or too sophisticated to use in everyday scenarios. InColor is an absolutely Free, Easy, and Portable color enhancer to resolve any color-related confusions.


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Due to our limited understanding of Color-blindness, we met with a current researcher Dr. Grace Lee on Colorblindness. We wanted to further learn if our method of color test was sufficient or was a proper technique. Dr.Lee’s research focused on the biomedical causes of Colorblindness and the molecule that has been found to cause Color blindness, so she did not know much about the Vision testing process and how to determine what variant of color blindness a person had. She did suggest that we seek a Clinician or Medical Doctor who performed vision testing, preferably from Shirley Eye Institute to assist us with our app.

We decided that using the standard color blind test would be best for our app as there is scientific evidence and testing that backs the process of that test. 


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We wanted to make an app that helps not only people who are suffering from the disorder, but also to help the people around them to understand the struggles of being a colorblind person. 


We also get feedback from the professors, TAs and other teams about the concept. Thing we need to avoid while creating the app is to focus on the app instead treating it as an add-on. There should be different modes and color searching modes correlate to each colorblind type. Along the way, we also need to research more about existing apps that already enhanced this particular disorder.

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There are four types of colorblindness with no cure for colorblindness, but there are few helpful products in the market. There are glasses, like those provided by EnChroma, but these glasses are only for those who are Red-Green Colorblind. Besides glasses, there are a few apps geared towards helping the Color Blind of any variant.


There is approximately 250 colorblind apps on the Google play store. Some apps simulate color blindness, others only use filters, others only identify colors, and few offer filters and color identification. Given all that, there are approximately less than 100 apps actually geared to actually help colorblind users.

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The Storyboards



Kenneth Lee

Age: 57

Location: Chula Vista, CA

"My wish is to be able to pick out the perfect gifts for my daughter and wife, or at least choosing the right color for my personal taste."

Kenneth works as a mechanical engineer. As a worker, a husband and a father, Kenneth works extremely hard both at home and work. Kenneth is a perfectionist that cares a lot about details. His daughter's birthday is coming soon. He wants to get her the best present that has her favorite color, which is light pink. He struggles looking on websites and visits stores. Kenneth hopes to find an easy solution to his problem. 


Brian Marsh

Age: 24

Location: Irvine, CA

Occupation: Front-end engineer

Type: Tritanopes

"I love my job as a front-end developer, but I feel like my growth is being stifled by my disabilities." 

Brian works as a start-up front-end engineer company. Brian feels a little frustrations lately due to his work request. His colorblindness has slowed him down with his recent project. Although, it has never been a big problem, Brian still struggles to become excellent at his work. Brian hopes to find the easiest solution to solve his difficulties.

Occupation: Finances

Type: Deuteranopes


Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 00.02.32.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-24 at 8.26.22 AM.png
The Prototype

The Demo

Its main function is using a personalized filter to help the user better distinguish colors through their phone camera and provide clarity within seconds. 

In order to personalize the filter, the user will take the standard Ishihara test for color vision deficiency to see where they land on the colorblind spectrum. This personalized filter can be applied live on-screen or it can be applied to pictures or videos saved in the user’s photos. The user can also take and save pictures or videos with this filter applied.



Implementing desktop version of our app, or even integrate to AR glasses. People with color blindness can work on desktop easier, or with the glasses. In addition, a built-in app for iOS and Android devices. 

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