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The Project

Our client, The Middle Way Meditation Institute, is a New York-based global non-profit organization that strives to provide guidance in achieving inner peace as part of a larger mission towards achieving world peace. As part of an effort to increase engagement particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, Monk Burin of the MMI puts out a daily broadcast program called “Daily Mind Shower.” Our team’s design challenge is to engineer a social media campaign to increase exposure to attract a wider viewer base, as well as to provide production consultation.

The Purpose

The goal is to create a thorough social media design consultation for the MMI that will guide them into improving their brand presence. Our objectives are to incorporate the MMI's values into the design, take into account their brand of mindfulness, combine that with an aesthetically pleasing and personalized brand revamp, and provide guidance in how to maintain a social media presence. 

The Role

User Research 

Visual Designer

Data Analyst

The Tools

Paper & Pencil

Adobe Photoshop 




Google Analytics

The Research 

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has greatly reshaped society and challenged the way people view mental health. COVID-19 or the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is a medical term that has caused illnesses such as the common cold and severe acute respiratory syndrome. Billions of people of all ages, races, genders, and religions around the world are under some form of lockdown, and movement on an individual and global scale is restricted. In this environment, we must look within -- and online -- to find the happiness and peace we once had through social interaction.

The MMI has several social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and an individual website. However, the activities are not updated frequently and out of date. There are also many accounts that target different regions. There is no consistency in MMI’s social media contents. Although MMI's message remains the same within these accounts, there's little to no room for improvement in increasing viewers. Since the start of the pandemic, Monk Burin has wanted to promote the “Daily Mind Shower” videos in hope to grow more attendees for the “Light of Peace” online event in September. As we review MMI’s purpose and needs, it challenges us to create a more efficient and cohesive procedure to promote the institute and event as a whole.

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The Interview

The group interviewed Pung Worawit to encourage ideation and fully understand MMI’s point of view of their problem. During our conversation, Pung emphasized that their main goal for us is to help MMI spread their mission of happiness and peace to everyone. Based on this interview, we wanted to help the organization by creating a social media campaign that the organization can use for current and future campaigns.

Due to the unique nature of a social media campaign, there are two distinct participant groups: the MMI social media team and the social media users. Within the second group, it can be further split into two more groups: people who practice meditation, and people who don’t.

The Personas

The Design Requirements

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Designing for Social Media Management

Designing for Social Media Audience

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Heading 6

The online resources are available almost directly on their homepage. The three buttons, direct viewers to the event calendar, today’s events, and beginner resources. The directness promotes increased engagement by removing barriers of entry. 

Pro: Direct communication and information relation to the audience

Con: Requires specialized manpower to maintain

Gap: can’t immediately tell who it’s designed for

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Buddhist Meditation

The Twitter for @findInnerPeace has 66.3k followers. Their tweets consist primarily of quotes from a Buddhist monk and modern 

Buddhist tweet. The site constantly updates and posts wisdom quotes. 

Pro: Media presence is consistent so users know what to expect

Con: Not very engaging as there is a lack of diversity

Gap: The use of buddhist quotes can be a disincentive to audience members due to religious connotations

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MNDFL Meditation

They engage their audience weekly with inspirational quotes and organization updates packaged in soft rustic colors and soft shapes. The weekly inspirational quotes fall under a personal hashtag #MNDFLMonday, a spinoff of Mindful Monday. They also have a set color palette for their aesthetic- softly rustic. By establishing an attractive brand identity, they’ve solidified their following and media presence.

Pro: Pleasant brand aesthetic and cohesive tone

Con: Requires specific brand knowledge

Gap: Using only instagram ignores other platforms

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The Don’ts 

“We’re here to help.”

Solution: A mindfulness promotion campaign (“Be Kind to your wandering mind”) that focuses on the identification of bad quarantine habits and how to combat them. 


Image and Features: Concept components include short graphics that elucidate the problematic behavior and 2 tips that can be used to combat it. Aesthetic would include many colors and organic shapes. 


Core Need: MMI needs to relate to specific experiences of their audiences to build an emotional connection. 


Strengths: This solution allows MMI to become more relatable to online users in need. It is a consistent content generator which can be used to engage with social media users and spread MMI’s name. 


Weaknesses: This is not a very unique campaign - being mindful of bad habits has long been a discussed topic. In addition,  the targeted community is rather large and so it would be hard to identify very specific behaviors to a demographic - ie the campaign would need to be broad but still uniquely identifiable.

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Engagingly Useful Twitter
Sample site:
And a Link to sample visual

“A redesign of the twitter account into a more friendly and  interactive role”

Core Need: In order to spread their teachings, MMI’s twitter needs to encourage audience interaction and engagement.


Functions: Announcements are still displayed, but primary tweets either prompt followers into replying/retweeting/liking, or quickly share wisdom. This is to present the account in a friendly and helpful light through the interactions, and to spread the MMI name to a  wider audience.


Strengths: Revamping the twitter into focusing on increasing engagement will increase site traffic and impressions, and strengthen audience trust with MMI. It will also be a more effective way of eliciting responses rather than simply posting links as MMI used to do.


Weaknesses: MMI’s social media is already disjointed; allocating a role to each site may increase the disjointedness. Additionally, keeping an eye on tweet interactions is easier at lower followings, so this plan does not account for when the account gains a larger base.

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Breath of Light 

“Breathe in, and out”

Solution: A social media branding redesign focused on consolidating MMI’s brand into a cohesive whole that follows current design trends and meditation values. 


Image and Features: Concept components would include features that span both content and aesthetic. Content features include 5 minute meditation videos, meditation music live streams, and multiplatform live stream meditation. The aesthetic centers around pastel colors and

 visual  aspects related to the flow of air and the flow of ink

 in water. 


Core Need — MMI’s various social media accounts do not all share the same graphical aesthetic, causing the social media experience across platforms to be disjointed and disorganized. MMI needs a cohesive brand kit that maintains its core personality while keeping up with current industry trends. 


Strengths: Main focus is the core value of MMI and what makes MMI unique. They can reach a wider audience when all the social media can be connected together. By focusing on the overall message, graphics can be translated to fit any form of social media. 

Weaknesses: MMI’s aesthetic might feel too similar to other meditation organizations. It is also a comprehensive and general branding redesign. A lot of information on all social media needs to be overhauled. There will be a period of adjustment for the content creators.

The Prototypes
The Testing

We created a Google Form survey that contained the 7 prototypes along with the MMI’s original logo. We asked the participants to rank their most to least favorite logo. Next, we followed up with questions regarding which logo displays better peaceful emotions, most modern and most trust

After surveying 101 people,  we took notes on every response to further understand how to create the most representative logo for MMI while avoiding elements that could detract from the brand or its mission.

In order to fulfill MMI’s need of increasing user engagement, a rebranding was required. Their current social media presence was too disjointed and inconsistent as they have multiple accounts for each social media platform with different names and different types of posts. By rebranding, MMI can be viewed as more reliable to users and be more consistent across all social media platform.

Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 11.09.06
Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 11.12.23
Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 5.29.20 PM.png


We redesigned the logo and removed the palm as it detracted from the focus of the brand: the individual medita

This is an online business card to link to social media and provide all of its options at a glance while still preserving the brand aesthetics. It is for when people don’t want to sort through the MMI’s site informa

The new color palette, logo, symbol, and font emphasize the changes in the way MMI reach out to new audiences.

The templates provided for MMI help them create diverse content while still sticking to basic design aesthetics. They will be delivered as .psd files, and the layers within are labeled and grouped so that it is clearer for the user to modify.

The solution that we developed for MMI’s rebranding is sufficient for giving the organization a path for increased audience engagement, followers, and attendance to their annual event. However, our branding redesign kit may not stay up to date with design trends and meditation practices as they evolve over time. While our branding kit offers suggestions for future content series and posts, visual elements are static. Although not required from this design task, we feel that informing MMI to keep up to date and providing the organization with a path to do so would improve their future outreach. 



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