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I was born and raised in Vietnam for 12 years before moving to the United States permanently. 

I studied Cognitive Science specializing in Human Computer Interaction at University of California, San Diego. Growing up, I always had a passion for art, fashion and designs. I learned how to draw and sketch by myself on the little notebooks. Moving to the US has broadened my studies as well as experiences with human-centered designs. 

As a designer, I want to learn more about individual’s thoughts that have impacted their actions. I believe every thought process initiates a specific action that can change how a product can be used. Everyday, I’m learning and striving to become a more sophisticated designer to help people live better in a fast paced technologic world.

During my courses at UC San Diego, I have learned to be an intuitive designer through different processes of researching, ideating, prototyping, testing and analyzing the products. In each project I participated, I also collaborated closely with teams through each process, from discovery through design to development.

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 1.45.49 PM.png

Besides designing, I also work as a nail technician and assistant at a local shop. I use my artistic skills to bring customers’ visions to life on their nails. I can draw on any surface as well as creating arts with different mediums. With my unique experience as a nail tech, I’m able to connect with customers’ ideas and desires in order to create the products. 

Outside of design works, I’m also a book worm, a kpop fan, a foodie and a hopeless romantic :) 

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